Body Systems Therapeutics six-week hybrid course


In this experiential six-week course you’ll learn some anatomy/physiology and how each body system functions with a focus on herbal tonics and natural therapies to address strengthening and balancing each system, as well as addressing common complaints with natural therapies, focusing on herbal remedies, with references to complementary therapies such as diet, aromatherapy, and flower essences.

Nervous System

Experience a nervine cocktail and herbal footbath
Herbal nervines to quiet nerves
Headaches and migraines
Avoiding and treating insomnia
Herbs for depression and anxiety

Respiratory System

Experience herbal steams, teas, balms, powders and syrups
Expectorants for a productive cough
Herbal cough suppression for a good night’s sleep

Muscular/Skeletal System

The effects of subluxations (spinal misalignments)
Maintaining bone health
Fixed and essential oils to relax muscles and relieve pain in muscles and joints
DMSO as a pain reliever and reparative
Treating arthritis naturally

Liver/Kidney Complex

How to avoid and treat gall stones
Causes and treatment of jaundice and cirrhosis
Liver clearing and liver protecting herbs
Demonstration of the application of castor oil packs
Treating nephritis and kidney damage
How to avoid and treat kidney and urinary bladder stones

Immune System

Basics for strengthening immune function
Active and passive immunity
Why Louis Pasteur was wrong (he faked his research)
Natural antimicrobials and probiotics

Digestive/Circulatory Systems

Digestive bitters
Stimulating bile and pancreatic secretions
Treating stomachaches
Heart and artery health
Avoiding and treating high blood pressure

7-9:30 PM Mondays starting August 15

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