Crystal Healing I six-week course

Crystal Healing I
six-week course

Healing with Crystals
with Brian Hornbeck

7-9 pm Thursdays
starting November 5

Our friend Brian will present this awesome six-week course about healing with crystals. This has been a favorite over the years.

Learn about the magic of rocks, gemstones and crystals, their healing properties and how to apply them in your life and in therapy to help realize energetic balance.

We will enter into the world of “Stone People” and find ways that they can help us, our Family and Friends to find a place of balance and health.

A large Crystal Mandala will be built and explained.. We will meditate with this Crystal and enter into the world of Minerals connecting with the stones and allowing them to teach us!

crystal mandala

We will look at many stones and Crystals learning of their healing properties and how they can help us in our life.

Taking what we have learned about Crystals and Stones and applying it in Therapy “laying on of Stones”.. Learn about how to set up and choose the stones you will work with.

Brian Hornbeck, a Self-Heal School graduate, is an internationally recognized healer, teacher, massage therapist, and formerly of Terapias Energiticas (Energetic Therapies) and the School of the Mother Earth in Tijuana and currently in Arizona with a new Project Tera Alchemy. He has been working with crystal healing for more than twenty five years.

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