Crystal Healing II

Crystal Healing II

with Brian Hornbeck


7-9:30 Friday, November 17   $30

10-4 Saturday-Sunday, November 18-19
$200 (includes Friday Evening)

Brian Hornbeck

A continuation of the work established in the Crystal Healing I workshop.. Taking Crystal Healing to the next level!!

After having worked a bit with the Basic Crystal Healing techniques we will answer some of the questions that come up and get rid of our doubts… Now that we are comfortable with the “Stone People” we will ask them to guide us deeper into their world.

In this course we will develop our understanding in the use of stones in setting up sacred space through altars and mandalas.

We will further our knowledge in the use of Selenite and crystal wands, deepen our connection to the different quartz crystal configuration and work with moving energy in the meridians and balance specific common problems.

crystals body

Friday Night

we will be reconnect with mineral kingdom and deepen our relationship with the “Stone People” the keepers of ancient knowledge.  Using Minerals of higher frequency we will step up our vibration and connection to ourselves and the world around us. Working with a mandala we will again present ourselves to the mineral world and ask them to share with us..


We will review what we learned in the Crystal Healing I and talk about our experiences with the basic techniques and meet some of the higher vibrational stones that were not addressed in the previous workshop.  Taking an in depth look into the different Quartz Crystal configurations we will deepen our understanding of how the allies can help us.


We will set up grids and create healing space to work in..
Working with our new Stone Allies our Selenite and crystal wands we will learn how to move and balance the energy meridians of the body..
Intuitively we will begin to assist our patients in getting past old patterns (often from past lives) created by trauma and negative emotions..

Protocols for common health problems will be addressed.

We will all give and receive a Crystal Healing session.

And of course we will have fun!!

Crystal Healing was the 1st healing modality that I began using in the 80’s..
Working with stones in Healing and creating Wearable Art is a never ending always expanding world of wonders that I truly love to share!

I have been teaching Crystal Healing for almost 20 years now and It is always amazing to me what I learn from the stones..

I am really excited to be sharing again at the Self Heal School and this year with the Crystal Healing II we will have even more fun!!!

 This will be an amazing experience and is only open to twelve participants.
The Friday evening intro that is open to more folks.

Please sign up early for the weekend if you wish to attend.

Sign up for Friday evening or the entire weekend.

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