Halloween Traditions: A Night of History & Enchantments

With Nikki Wood

1-3 pm  Saturday, October 29th  $35

Halloween is a holiday shrouded in mystery and magic.

Join us for a celebration of souls and rudimentary divination.

Learn the origins of sacred Samhain, its more recent roots in America,
and why it is so deeply embedded in our culture.

From trick or treating, to bobbing for apples & frightening masks, Halloween has a rich history.

We will also incorporate knowledge of various rituals of divination that will now be passed on to you.

Learn about oracle cards, reading tea leaves and releasing rituals.

If you love this holiday as much as I do, this is a class not to be missed.


Nikki Wood is a highly regarded tarot card reader, energy worker and intuitive.

She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and able to see spirits.

Working as a professional in the community for the last 6 years, she has gained quite a following.

Not only does she read in San Diego and for others all across the country, she travels several times a year to the San Francisco Bay Area, her second home base.

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