Power Smoothies

Power Smoothies

with Matt Finch

In this two-hour Food Healing & Smoothie Tasting mini-workshop, Matt will demonstrate how to create nutrient-dense, high phytochemical smoothies using a 3 horsepower blender. These blenders break the fibrous content of the fruits and vegetables down to the micron level for optimal absorption. Through learning about the Conquering Any Disease (CAD) Food-Healing system, you will receive smoothie samples, Goji Milk, Avocado Seed Hollandaise with steamed asparagus, and Raw Key-Lime Pie. Come for an epic and fun experience for optimum health and wellness.

Matt Finch is a Certified Level 2 Qigong Instructor and Certified Advanced Food-Based Healing Instructor with Supreme Science Qigong Center. He’s also Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and professional blogger who specializes in health and wellness, natural pain relief, and addiction recovery. www.opiateaddictionsupport.com

This class will be rescheduled  at a later date $20

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