The Antidote Against Diseases

The Antidote Against Diseases

with Anabella Rojas Vanososte

2-4 pm Sunday, February 16 $30

Topics include:

  • Understanding the importance of nutrition and disease prevention
  • The role played by free radicals, antioxidants and amino acids

Anabella's book

Anabella was born in Caracas, Venezuela and presently resides in San Diego, California.

In 1980 she gave birth to a gluten intolerant son and began research on nutrition and gluten intolerance to understand how food affects the body, as well as the importance of the relationship between food and disease.

She received a degree in “Special Education” and subsequently worked in the area of nutritional deficiencies, associating a nutritional deficiency of children with school performance.

She then continued courses related to Child Nutrition, Nutrition for Elders, Holistic Nutrition, Obesity and Nutrition, obtaining the title of “Diploma in Nutrition”.

She has traveled the world for 20 years, learning different ways of life and food.

She has participated in several forums in Caracas, Venezuela and San Diego, California on the importance of including vitamin supplements in our daily diet.

Anabella has been interviewed on several social networks about her books,  “THE ANTIDOTE AGAINST DISEASES” PART I AND PART II.

Anabella’s nutrition books will be available for signing and sale.

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