Working with the Chakras
Zoom Course with Brian Hornbeck

7-9 pm Thursdays
starting July 23

Join us for a 7 week journey to better understand our body’s subtle energy systems.

chakrasThrough a deepened awareness and knowledge of one’s Chakras, we further our understanding of how to help others regain balance in their lives.

We will learn about gifts from nature, tools from the Mineral and Plant kingdoms, that can help us and others in maintaining a balanced and vibrant life through the healing of our Chakras.

Beginning with the root, our connection to Mother Earth, and working our way to the Crown, our connection to the Universe, each week we will, through meditation and discussion, visit and work with the energies of  each one of our Chakras.

Herbs, Minerals, Flower Essences, & Essential Oils will be presented to accompany each of the Chakras.


Brian Hornbeck, a Self-Heal School graduate, is an internationally recognized healer, teacher, massage therapist, and formerly of Terapias Energiticas (Energetic Therapies) and the School of the Mother Earth in Tijuana and currently in Arizona with a new Project Tera Alchemy.

He began his Journey in the late 80’s by meditating and doing a series of exercises to balance his own chakras.

This has been one of the cornerstones in all of the healing modalities he has worked with over the years.

For more than 20 years he has been leading guided meditations working with the Chakras.

Brian is looking forward to teaching this class, having spent so many years working to understand these concepts and energies that create and animate the amazing beings that we are.

Week 1 ~ Overview of Chakra System    1st Chakra

Week 2 ~ 2nd Chakra

Week 3 ~ 3rd Chakra

Week 4 ~ 4th Chakra

Week 5 ~ 5th  Chakra

Week 6 ~ 6th Chakra

Week 7 ~ 7th Chakra

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