Herbs for Kids

Herbs for Kids

with Jane Richmond

7-9:30 pm  Tuesday, September 24   $30


Learn to keep your kids healthy and happy with herbs and nutrition. Learn remedies to build your children’s immunity, strengthen their nervous systems to help them better deal with stress, and treat common ailments such as colds, flues, coughs, fevers, sore throats and tummy aches.

Addressing your child’s specific needs to:

  • build their immunity
  • strengthen their nervous system
  • treat them for common ailments such as stomachaches, fevers, colds, flues, and coughs
  • help them with digestive issues, constipation and diarrhea
  • help your kids deal with stress, headaches, nervousness, and sleep issues

Jane Richmond

Jane Richmond has co-directed Self-Heal School for more than 30 years. She teaches classes and workshops in herbology, nutrition, energy healing, and prosperity consciousness, as well as supervising the Self-Heal Herbal Clinical Program and and seeing clients in her own clinical practice.

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