Class and Event Schedule

Class and Event Schedule

6-week herbal, nutrition, aromatherapy and energy healing courses generally meet one evening each week.

Herbal and nutrition courses meet in a hybrid environment (online or in-person).

CP   231-Hour Certificate Program
EHP   Energy Healing Certificate Program

Upcoming Classes & Events

Clinical Herbalism Apprenticeship CP

Starts Sunday, October 8

Herbs for Women’s Health six-week course  CP

Starts Monday, October 16

Full Moon Botanical Magick

with Sally Seitz
Friday, October 27

Healing with Energy III six-week course CP EHP

Starts Wednesday, November 1

Song of Creation

Sunday, November 12

Herbs for Your Nerves

Thursday, November 16

Herbal Holiday Gift-Making Workshop

Sunday, November 26

Angel Meditation

Thursday, December 14

Herb Identification Walks

Classes Currently In Session

Started Thursday, March 26

Healing with Energy I six-week course  CP EHP

Started Wednesday, August 9

Therapeutic Applications of Herbs six-week course CP

Started Monday, August 14

Herbalism 101 six-week course  CP EHP

Started Tuesday, September 12

Healing with Energy II six-week course  CP EHP

Starts Wednesday, September 20

Online Courses

Can’t make it to class?
  • Join us through an interactive virtual classroom.
  • Watch a class you missed.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Herb Identification Walk

October 15

Herbs for Women's Health

Starts October 16

Full Moon Botanical Magick

October 27

Song of Creation

November 12