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  • Respect Your Elders October 9, 2021
    As a professional drummer I had experienced some plant medicines. But it wasn’t until 1978 when I got together with my life partner, Jane Richmond, that I started learning about and using herbal medicine for my health and well being. In 1984 I was able to further my study of herbal medicine with Rosemary Gladstar, […]
  • The Spirit of Plants | How Grounded, In Harmony Plant Beings Influence us on Nature Walks October 3, 2021
    Video Transcript: Jane Richmond: Walk in the trees. You’re going to get healing. Like we’re sitting under this beautiful pine tree right now and pine trees definitely give you a feeling and energy of peace.  And they also help you deal with guilt. So just being in pine trees can relieve so much trauma that […]
  • Wonder Oil August 20, 2021
    Wonder Oil Jim, the first student on whom I demonstrated a castor pack, had been a raging alcoholic and had fairly serious cirrhosis of the liver, a slowly progressing disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue. I instructed the students to palpate their own livers by gently probing under the right […]
  • Herbal Therapeutics In Perspective July 12, 2021
    Plants Have Been Adapting And Evolving On This World For Several Billion Years They’ve figured out how to live on sunlight and to use its energy to synthesize the primary compounds necessary for their metabolic functioning. You’d think they would have their act together by now. Yet our scientists tell us that plants also synthesize […]
  • Full-Spectrum CBD November 24, 2020
    Full-Spectrum CBD I have been practicing herbal medicine since 1979 and teaching it since 1985. That year I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) playing basketball. I went to an MD friend who was a practicing herbalist who recommended treating it with a hot herbal compress, rather than surgery, the traditional approach in allopathic medicine. […]
  • I Can Breathe August 1, 2020
    I Can Breathe I formulated a respiratory tea when I had a serious case of the influenza virus many years ago and was having difficulty breathing. It contained these parts by weight: 4 parts Mullein leaves 4 parts Coltsfoot leaves 3 parts Peppermint leaves 2 parts Lobelia herb I added honey to the tea to […]
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits July 13, 2020
    Seabuckthorn Oil Benefits Seabuckthorn Oil, Hippophae rhamnoides (hip-POH-fay ram-NOY-deez) is a deciduous shrub. It ranges from Europe, including Britain, from Norway south and east to Spain and Asia to Japan and the Himalayas. It has been recognized for centuries in Eurasia for its exceptional medicinal and nutritional properties. The berries are rich in vitamins and […]
  • Treating Sports Injuries June 28, 2020
    Treating Sports Injuries The Question: Does cryotherapy, the use of extreme cold in surgery or other medical treatment, improve outcomes for acute soft tissue injuries? I have been playing basketball for more than six decades and although it is purported to be a non-contact sport, I have sustained a plethora of injuries, so I have some […]
  • Supplement Support for Health and Well-Being June 8, 2020
    Supplement Support for Health and Well-Being I have been supplementing two important vitamins and a mineral to support my general health and well-being and to now protect myself from possible harsh consequences of covid-19 infection. Vitamin C Vitamin C is perhaps the most popular supplement taken to protect against infection due to its important role […]
  • How We Become a Petri Dish May 3, 2020
    How we become a petri dish The common flu is a coronavirus According to WebMD some important statistics on the flu based on the best available data: • 5% to 20% — Percentage of the U.S. population that will get the flu, on average, each year. • 200,000 — Average number of Americans hospitalized each […]