What People Are Saying

“I attended school here with John, Jane and a few of their other teachers and learned so much. Not only do John and Jane know their herbs but have so much experience using the herbs they pass on information you would never get from books. They are fun, kind, down to earth and attract wonderful people to their school. The community you will gain through their school is full of people that network and support each other. I am so grateful to have learned from John and Jane and will continue to take classes at their school.”

— Korrin H.

“I love this school, some of the best times in my life were learning in the classroom of this school. And they also have herb walks all over San Diego. They are definitely worth going to, they are at the various city – state parks and as you go along on the walk you will learn quite a bit about the different herbs and plants that are naturally growing here in San Diego California. What I have learned here at this school I use in my everyday life, and it has made a huge difference in my appearance and health and also for my family friends and clients…. The teachers are really excellent.”

— Dana S.

“I just love the education I am getting at the Self Heal School! I am currently enrolled in the herbal certificate program and the pre-clinic program. I’m working towards becoming a well-rounded clinical herbalist. 


With a background in science and a master’s degree in biology, I have a love for learning and high expectations for a learning environment. Each class at Self Heal has gone above and beyond. Jane and John are incredibly knowledgeable with a lifetime of hands-on clinical experience. 


They offer way more than just “book knowledge”, but personal experience and a holistic approach that includes body, mind, heart and spirit. Their approach combines rigorous science with deep respect for the spirit of both plants and the individual. In addition, they care deeply for their students.  I feel held and nurtured on this amazing journey of learning herbalism and healing.


Jessica Connolly – Transformational Coach, Doula, Co-Founder Moon Daughters moondaughters.com

“I am so happy have to gained all of the herbal knowledge that I learned from John and Jane. I am a graduate of the herbal certification course, as well as taking the pre-clinic and clinic training courses. Their classes cover a broad range of information, including but not limited to, basic herbal applications, formulas to make tinctures, medicinal herbs, energy healing, aromatherapy, and other essential classes. I now feel that I have the tools needed to be a successful herbalist. I currently own a dog walking/pet sitting busines. My goal is to combine my knowledge of herbs along with my business, so that pet owners can come to me for herbal assessments and treatment plans for themselves as well as for their beloved animals.”

— Ashley D.

“I have been taking classes from Jane and John for many years and have always loved them, they were always the highlight of my week! They are excellent teachers who have a genuine love and deep understanding of their subject matter.


Not only do they make the information accessible and interesting, but the nurturing and passionate teaching environment that Self-Heal offers goes above and beyond the competition. I enrolled right away last year when I heard that Jane was doing another Herbalist’s Clinic.


During the 8 months of study, I learned in depth how to approach a client and build rapport, how to prepare tinctures, teas, flower essences, and essential oils for specific ailments, and how to help a client meet fundamental nutritional needs.  Self-Heal Clinic is a comprehensive program that not only educates, but also allows you to build your confidence as a professional!


With this Herbal Certification through Self-Heal, coupled with a basic nutrition certificate, I now work as a nutritionist and herbalist at a busy Chiropractor’s office in Los Angeles, and also run the Wellness programs at Exhale Mind/Body Spa in Santa Monica, where the focus is integrated health and wellness, and where herbs and flower essences play a large role in every consultation I give.


Thanks to Self-Heal I feel that I am pursuing my purpose, making a difference, and having fun! I would recommend this hands-on program to anyone interested!”

— Kim K.


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Herbalism 101

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