Helping people find natural ways of healing

Helping people find natural ways of healing

John Finch and Jane Richmond co-founded Self-Heal School with dreams of helping people find natural ways of healing.

Meet John Finch, Co-founder & Teacher

John has been an herbal medicine maker and teacher for more than 38 years

John was introduced to the healing power of herbs by his life partner Jane Richmond in 1978 and began making herbal remedies for friends and family.

He began his formal studies in herbal medicine at a Professional Training Program in 1985 with Rosemary Gladstar, an internationally renowned herbalist. 

A master teacher and medicine-maker, John produces herbal products, writes for publication, and has been a guest on radio and TV presentations. 

He has taught herbal medicine and holistic nutrition for more than 38 years. 

John also takes folks out on Herb Identification Walks around San Diego County to identify and speak about edible and medicinal plants.

Jane Richmond

Meet Jane Richmond, Co-founder, Teacher, & Healer

Jane supervises the Herbal Clinical Program & Energy Healing Certificate Program

Jane studied with Amanda McQuade Crawford, a master clinical herbalist, for many years. She also learned energy healing with her Native American metaphysical teacher, Star Mother, for more than 20 years.

Jane’s classes and workshops are always transformational, informative, and fun.

Jane is available for private health consultations as well as readings, energy healings, and spiritual counseling.

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Upcoming Classes & Events

Healing with Energy I

Starts June 6

Herbalism 101

Starts June 11

Nutrition II

Starts June 12