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John Finch and Jane Richmond co-founded Self-Heal School with dreams of helping people find natural ways of healing. Both had suffered from health problems and found modern Western medicine to be over-invasive, generate a host of new problems, and were often trying to imitate natural properties found in plants.

Meet John Finch, Co-founder & Teacher

John has been an herbal medicine maker and teacher for more than 35 years.

Courses he currently teaches include holistic nutrition, psychedelic shamanism, herbal fundamentals, and more. John also takes folks out on Herb Walks once a month in the San Diego County region.

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Meet Jane Richmond, Co-founder, Teacher, & Healer

Jane supervises the Herbal Clinical Program and teaches classes in herbology, nutrition, energy healing, and prosperity consciousness.

Jane studied for more than 20 years with her spiritual teacher, Kachi. From this commitment, she has been given the teachings of the Song of Creation and the Integration of the True Self to share with others.

Jane’s classes and workshops are always transformational, informative, and fun.

  • Jane is available for private health consultations as well as readings, energy healings, and spiritual counseling. 

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