Where is the school located?

We are offering classes at our facility in Ocean Beach, a coastal community in San Diego, California. Our physical address is 4658 Narragansett Ave.

Where do I begin?

Most people begin with Herbal Fundamentals and continue with herb classes that follow. Of course, you can take any of our courses whenever they are offered.

The only exception is Healing with Energy which requires Healing I as a prerequisite to Healing II, and III.

What kind of credentials does the 231 hour certificate program provide?

No state in the United States requires (nor offers) a license to provide holistic health care in the form of herbal consulting.

You can’t diagnose any disease or condition (you can evaluate) and you can’t prescribe medicines (you can recommend and provide remedies).

You generally will not be able to have your clients file a claim to most insurance carriers for your services or remedies.

You should know, also, that even if you are treating folks without a fee, you are liable under the same laws. The best you can do is be well informed and stay within your level of expertise.

We do train clinical herbalists here and offer a Certificate of Completion at three levels: 231 hour Certificate, Pre-Clinic Training Certificate, and Clinic Certificate.

Some schools claim to offer professional certification. If they don’t prepare you to be certified as a licensed acupuncturist or chiropractor, unless you’re looking for a massage license, these don’t confer any legal credential.

What you want is practical training and experience, wherever you can find it.

You can find that here.


How much is it to complete the entire program?

You will find that we are extremely competitive. At the present fee schedule, the total cost for the 231 hour Certificate Program is $2900.

You can pay for each course ($190) as you take it. Aromatherapy is $200 due to materials fee.

If you pay in advance for the Program, you pay only $2500.  This option saves you $430.

Self-Heal School does not offer refunds for class fees. If you miss classes or fail to complete courses, you will have a credit that can be used for courses or workshops for up to one year from the time you paid.

We accept some trades for child care, house work, yard work, body work, marketing, and the like. Contact Jane for more information. 619 224 1268.


How many months does it take to complete the 231 hour program?

Classes generally meet one evening each week for 2½ hours (7-9:30 PM) so each 15 hour course takes six weeks. We generally offer three courses at a time so you can accelerate your progress if needed.

At that rate people have completed in about 30 weeks. It depends on the pace that works for you.

How much of my time outside of class will be required?

We don’t assign homework or give tests.

We encourage students to do outside research and study, but it isn’t required.

Herbal medicine is an art as much as it is a science.

We feel that by passing on a show-and-tell tradition, students will have the foundation they need to begin using herbal medicines in a safe and effective manner.

The herbs will teach us most of what we need to learn, whether learning to take care of ourselves with natural remedies, or training as a holistic consultant.

Time fliesWhat if I miss a class?

This happens all the time and isn’t a problem.

We keep records of missed classes and they may be made up when offered again.

What if I wish to repeat a course?

Actually, this is often very beneficial and we encourage it.

Courses may be repeated for half the course fee.

Do you offer fee installments?

We offer fee installments to make it easier to pay for the courses.

Make arrangements when you register or at the first meeting of the course.

Is there a discount for couples?

The fee for herb walks is $20. If a couple, any two in union, have only one income, The fee is $30.

Kids are always free.

If an accompanying person is only along for the walk and not participating in the plant identification, they are also free.

familyWhat about books?

We have booklets that we have written for each course and they are included in the cost of the Courses.

We can recommend other reference material and direct you to sources that offer discounts for books to our students.

How do I register?

Pay for individual courses or workshops on their individual pages.

Our online schedule shows classes and workshops we offer.

When we receive your class or workshop registration we’ll e-mail you a confirmation and directions to the school.

The balance of your fee may be paid at the first class or made in several payments throughout the course.

If paying by check, make payable to: Self-Heal School PO Box 70131 San Diego, CA 92167

All deposits are nonrefundable.

Pay for the Certificate Program below

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