Therapeutic Applications of Herbs

Therapeutic Applications of Herbs

Therapeutic Applications of Herbs

6-week hybrid course

Meets 7-9:30 pm Mondays starting May 6


An in-depth look at the active principles in medicinal plants– alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, bitters and essential oils and how they interact in the body to balance functions and support structures.

Other topics will include:

  • Stimulation Therapy – Herbal stimulants such as ginger and cayenne warm the body to restore natural balance and function.
  • Tranquilization Therapy – Encompasses several therapies that counter unrest, nervousness, or irritations.
  • Blood Purification Therapy – (Alteratives) stimulate factors that counteract and eliminate toxins in the blood.
  • Tonification Therapy – Tonics counteract weakness or shortage (deficiency) by nourishing and permanently vitalizing organ systems.
  • Purgation Therapy – Purgation attempts to provide support for and sometimes stimulation to the natural functioning of colon elimination.
  • Diuretic Therapy – Diuretics control fluid balance by regulating flow of urine.
  • Diaphoretic Therapy – By stimulating the sweating process circulation is normalized. Includes how to take a therapeutic sweat.
  • Emetic Therapy – Emetics help empty the stomach for overeating, poor food combining, or non-caustic poisoning.
  • The relationship of herbs to other holistic modalities in natural healing.


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