Breath Empowerment

with Matt Finch


The Breath Empowerment is of the most intense and powerful breathing exercises you will ever experience! You’ll be guided through the Warrior’s Breath–a Vedic practice that utilizes upper chest breathing to expand the lung’s capacity for inspiration, allowing the body to experience the energetic power of oxygen coursing through the body. Music and the instructor’s voice are there to coach you through the whole process, where large amounts of Qi will enter your body and create a deep feeling of healing, a buzzing vibration, and a blissful meditation. By increasing your body’s ability to breathe, you will release tension and toxins, increase your body’s alkalinity, and achieve levels of relaxation and overall wellness.

Matt Finch is a Certified Level 2 Qigong Instructor and Certified Advanced Food-Based Healing Instructor with Supreme Science Qigong Center. He’s also Certified Strategic Intervention Coach and professional blogger who specializes in health and wellness, natural pain relief, and addiction recovery.

This class will be rescheduled  at a later date $20

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