Advanced Reading Tools
with Aimee Johnson

6-week course
Starting Wednesday, February 5
Open to 12 students who have
completed Healing I and II
(register early)

Class descriptions:

-Running Energy & Reading the Rose:
Students will learn how to properly ground themselves, feed themselves w earth energy, enlighten themselves w cosmic energy, create a balancing blend of these energies that heals all 4 bodies (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual).

Also, they will learn how to soul retrieve and re-energize through golden suns, and finally they will learn how to cleanse their aura and set healthy boundaries.
We will also introduce the basics of reading a Rose.

-Reading Past Lives, Yes/No and decoy Roses:
Students will learn how to read past / parallel lives and I’ll teach comprehension on WHY someone is drawing info / energies from a certain life.

They will learn how to read yes / no questions and some of the potential pitfalls in this area (posing the question improperly, or making assumptions, or lack of neutrality as some examples). Lastly we will cover decoy or protection roses.

I specifically do not call them protection roses ( and I will teach why) but I wanted to be sure it was clear for you what I’ll be teaching. Here we will teach students the concept of other people’s energy and give them permission to let go of judgement ( good/bad, right/wrong) in exchange for is it mine or not mine. We will also discuss and define boundaries vs protection.

Students will learn the concept and importance of non-emotional reading. Of un-attaching to assumptions and outcomes. Of staying in present time and humility.

We speak of grace and the responsibility of the reader to stay aware of the impact their words can have. And that the un-healed healer can cause a lot of damage. We must walk the walk, every moment.

Here we teach the concept of conscious relating vs unconscious relating. We touch again on present time and the importance of keeping contracts current, and voiding ones that have expired. This covers all types of relationships, love, work, even guides.

Students will learn a slew of tools to help them relate to others more positively and responsibly, and to avoid co-dependent tendencies and situations. Also, we will teach how to read other people contracts.

-Healing Master / Spirit Guide:
Students will learn how to become conscious healers vs unconscious healers, and how to avoid / heal from the captive healer syndrome. We discuss the difference between empathy and compassion and the importance of that when reading or tapping into another’s energy.

Students will learn to create a conscious contract with a guide ( healing master) that can greatly assist them in working with others psychically, and help them with the overwhelming healing demand that most readers and healers have. So many folks to heal, so little time and energy!

That’s where the guide comes in. Students will also learn how the guide can be helpful in their own self diagnosis and healing process.

Here students will learn how to use Divination tools to read. Tarot, pendulums, throwing bones, tea leaves. We will discuss the idea behind Divination and how to do it with almost anything.

Divination has further implications in that if one feels confident in their ability to divine information anytime about anything they start let of memorized ideas and info. They learn to create a more powerful relationship w the Divine and with present time!

If you can divine the info right now, there is no need to carry around assumptions and memorizations. We can clear the mind of all that and learn to be present.

Aimee Johnson

Aimee Johnson has been reading professionally since 2007.

Her reading style is focused and direct. It’s about seeing things from a new angle, described in a new way so your mind can actually learn something new.

New mind = New life experience

Her readings are based around the belief that we are creating our life through free will and that this how we can utilize personal power and create change. Using the power of will along with self awareness and self honesty, you can become a strong, happy, healthy, balanced and loving creature.

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