Best Class for Herbalism

Best Class for Herbalism

What is the best class to start learning  about herbalism?

Herbal Fundamentals is the best class for herbalism for beginning your journey in plant medicine

Where do I begin?

Most people begin with Herbal Fundamentals which is the best class for herbalism to begin with. Then continue with herb classes that follow. Of course, you can take any of our courses whenever they are offered.

The only exception is Healing with Energy which requires Healing I as a prerequisite to Healing II and III.

About Herbal Fundamentals

In this fun and informative six-week course we will share safe space while learning about herbal remedies and herbal preparations useful in today’s challenging environment.

Do you learn more from practical demos and seeing how herbal medicines are actually made? In this interactive course, you’ll learn about plant identification and how to use a variety of medicinal herbs to make herbal preparations.

John Finch has been teaching folks how to make herbal medicines for themselves, their friends and families for more than thirty years.

best class for herbalism


Training to Become an Herbalist

231 Hour Certificate Program

Program Details

At this time there is no governmental certification offered nor required for herbal consulting.

To ensure a level of professional training in this field, Self-Heal School offers a certificate program.


  • Herbal Fundamentals
  • Therapeutic Applications of Herb
  • Practical Applications of Herbs
  • Body System Therapeutics
  • Herbal Preparations
  • Herbs for Women’s Health
  • Aromatherapy I and II
  • Nutrition I and II
  • Healing I, II, and III

become a certified herbalist

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Online Courses

Can’t make it to class?
  • Join us through an interactive virtual classroom.
  • Watch a class you missed.

Upcoming Classes & Events

Herbalism 101

Starts February 20

Aromatherapy I

Starts February 22

Creating Prosperity Consciousness

Starts March 6