Herbalism 101

Herbalism 101

Herbalism 101

(Herbal Fundamentals)

6-Week Course

This is a live course that you can take online or in-person.

Starting Date: May 23

Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.

Fee: $200
Special: $150

In this fun and informative six-week course you will learn about herbal remedies and herbal preparations.

Do you learn more from practical demos and seeing how herbal medicines are actually made? In this interactive course, you’ll learn about plant identification and how to use a variety of medicinal herbs to make herbal preparations.

John Finch has been teaching folks how to make herbal medicines for themselves, their friends and families for more than thirty years.


You will also learn how to:

  • Acquire high-quality herbs and store them
  • Make medicinal teas: infusions, decoctions and cold water infusions
  • Extract herbs in alcohol, vinegar, and glycerin
  • Powder herbs and take them in capsules
  • Extract herbs in oils and make salves, balms, and emulsions (lotions and creams)
  • Use herbs externally in poultices, plasters, compresses, soaks and washes
  • Access great online reference materials
  • and much more in a casual and interactive environment

What people are saying about this course

John makes it fun to learn the basics of herbal medicine-making. My friends and family, as well as my co-workers, are all asking me to get Nervade for them. John rocks! Peter M.
My mom was suffering from insomnia and the tincture I learned to make in class has her sleeping and feeling better during the day. I highly recommend this course. Rebecca L.
The classes here are fun and informative. We meet one night a week and learn stuff our ancestors used to take care of their families. Most of the people in the world use herbal remedies as their primary medicine and now we are too! This is important training everyone should take. Lanny T.

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Herbalism 101

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