Aromatherapy – Systems Weekend Intensive

Get Ready to address, head on, the role of essential oils and hydrosols as they relate to human health and well-being in each and every body system!

Plants have evolved with us and their healing powers attend to all of our body systems in an intricate and harmonious way. Just as the Earth orchestrates all her ecosystems to maintain a balance optimum for life, so do the plants thereon provide multifaceted and largely mysterious healing to other plants, animals and humankind alike, addressing not only symptom relief but total body healing.

Come and learn some of the current and traditional ways that aromatherapy has been used to aid in sustaining vitality of the human body! We’ll also glean what scientific research and literature can tell us about why certain essential oils seem to bring about particular types of healing.

We will cover, in depth, the systems of the body (digestive, immune, reproductive…). We will address the questions: Which essential oils or hydrosols seems a sound choice for certain maladies? That is only the beginning! Now, how would one use them? And when?

Come and learn! You will experience a myriad of essential oils and hydrosols, gain knowledge on how to choose them and personally experience a dozen+ different ways to use them to address some of the more common maladies of the various body systems.

You’ll walk away with a newfound confidence to invite these wonderful healers into your life. Once you do, these allies have enhanced life in wonderful and often unexpected ways! Increased Health? Yes!!! And also Balancing, Uplifting, and many would add Downright Euphoric as they help lift life to the next level!!!

AriciaAricia Zazo is a professional member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, an HHP, Herbalist & Hypnotherapist. A daughter and lover of nature, her practice and teachings are imbued with the alchemy of science, art and magic that is the healing power of Nature.

Arisha has been teaching our aromatherapy classes at Self-Heal School for more than ten years. She brings a plethora of oils to sample, as well as other experiential show-and-tells, providing pleasant olfactory and flavorful experiences to her teaching.

10-5 Saturday, July 12  and  10-4 Sunday, July 13    $150

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