Elixirs of Love

Elixirs of Love

Elixirs of Love with Aricia Zazo
1-5 pm Saturday, July 6

Cleopatra and Don Juan had one!
Casanova and the Queen of Sheba had one too-
a Magical Elixir of Love!
Do you have one?

Fee: $80 includes handouts and samples

In our culture, our repertoire consists mainly of roses and chocolate, which can be potent indeed. Yet these are merely two friends in a world rich with euphoric delights. Learn how plants and aromatics have been used throughout time as magical elixirs of love to enhance euphoria and arouse sensuality.

Love is the highest vibration on the planet!

How have plants enhanced this vibration to the fullest? Whether you are in a relationship with another, the earth, or dancing with the great force of life itself, Aphrodite has gifts for everyone who would like their earth dance to be Luscious, Exuberant and Beyond Blissful!

Ahhhh, Yes, tis the month, and year, of Lve!! Can you feel it? If not, or if you would like to even more…Well then, Come Hither and Feast within the Enchanting Forest of Amor! You are invited to Revel in succulent and lusty Ambrosias from around the world, and throughout time, known to raise your spirits, and then some!

Experience for yourself the sumptuous secrets of Cleopatra, the powerful potion of Don Juan and more… Aphrodite’s Elixirs are sure to leave you with a song in your heart, a spring in your…step, and a sweet, beguiling smile on your face. Enticing, Yes???

See you there with global gifts of Love and Magic for you to treasure!


Aricia Zazo is a professional member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, an HHP, Herbalist & Hypnotherapist. A daughter and lover of nature, her practice and teachings are imbued with the alchemy of science, art, and magic that is the healing power of Nature.

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Elixirs of Love

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