Jane Richmond

Jane Richmond

Self-Healing for the Mind, Body, and Heart

Transform your health with a personalized self care program


Herbal Medicine ● Flower Essences Energy Healing ● Aromatherapy Nutritional Counseling

jane-opt-webJane Richmond is the co-director of Self-Heal School and supervises the Self-Heal Herbal Clinic.

She enjoys guiding people on their path to wholeness through her classes in herbs, nutrition, prosperity consciousness, and energy healing, as well as through her writing, annual women’s retreats, and private clinical practice.

Her classes and workshops are always transformational, informative, and fun.

  • She has practiced as a professional herbalist, nutritional consultant, and deep intuitive since 1982.
  • Jane is available for private health consultations, energy healing, and aura readings.
  • In her practice, she helps clients develop a self-caring and healthy attitude to bring about wholeness.

  • Jane will teach you how to nourish yourself, become more in touch with your spirit, and inspire you to care for yourself.
  • She gives you the tools to take charge of your own health at all three levels – body, mind, and heart.
  • Her goal is to inspire her clients’ self-healing and to empower them in their quest for health and happiness.

Individualized Treatment Program

  • Jane provides a comprehensive health assessment and creates a specialized treatment program for each client.
  • She guides her clients in exploring the origins of their health issues before recommending herbal therapies and dietary supplements as an affordable, natural alternative to drug therapy.


  • Jane also offers guidance in healthy diet choices and lifestyle, and stress management.

Contact Jane

Phone: 619.224.1268

Email: [email protected]

Upcoming Classes & Events

Angel Meditation

December 14

Herbalism 101

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