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The Spirit of Plants | How Grounded, In Harmony Plant Beings Influence us on Nature Walks

do plants have spirits

Video Transcript:

Jane Richmond: Walk in the trees. You’re going to get healing.

Like we’re sitting under this beautiful pine tree right now and pine trees definitely give you a feeling and energy of peace. 

And they also help you deal with guilt. So just being in pine trees can relieve so much trauma that people have been through.

Walks in the park — I know in Balboa Park here in San Diego we have a Japanese garden — and that garden has cherry blossoms in it.

And cherry blossoms are so sweet.

They have so much love.

You feel unity.

You feel peace.

And you know, almost every flower has some kind of essence that’s been attached to it.

Like zinnias, I’m looking at right now are for childlike joy and peace. 

Even if you only have one plant in your house that you love or if you grow a whole garden it’s going to be something that’s very uplifting to get you out of sorrow and sadness and back to your own truth within yourself and a little bit more joy.

John Finch: The thing about the plants is they’re grounded, they’re connected.

They’re connected to the earth. They’re connected to their own spirit.

And they do have a spirit. They’re living beings. 

They’ve been here a thousand times longer than we have. We’re the new kids on the block.

They’re very evolved in this world and they have just such a sweet spirit… all of them.

That just being around plants — that’s why if you go for a walk in nature you almost always come back feeling better.

Because you’ve been influenced by these plant beings that are in harmony with the nature around them and with themself.

They’re grounded and connected.

And that’s a great part of our dis-ease which we call disease is that we’re not grounded… we’re not connected

And a large part of how the plants heal us is by reconnecting us to the earth and to our own spirit.

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