Holiday Herbal Punch

Holiday Herbal Punch

herbal punch

Holiday Herbal Punch

We have used this recipe for our kid’s birthdays for years. We catered a wedding with is once . Everyone wanted to know what was in it.


1 Quart Children’s herbal Punch
2 Quarts Carbonated Water
1 Quart fruit juice of your choice
1 Quart Ice Cream, Sherbet or Frozen Yogurt
Cut fruit – orange, banana, strawberry, etc


This is a recipe shared with us by Rosemary Gladstar at herb school

1 oz Camomile
½ oz Linden
½ oz Lemon Grass
½ oz Hibiscus
½ oz Spearmint
¼ oz Catnip
¼ oz Cinnamon
¼ oz Orange Peel

Heat 40 oz water and infuse the above herbs for several hours.

To make the punch

Mix together with a mixer or stick blender:

1 Quart Children’s herbal Punch
1 Quart fruit juice of your choice
1 Quart Ice Cream, Sherbet or Frozen Yogurt
Cut fruit – orange, banana, strawberry, etc

Slowly blend in carbonated water

dry ice in punch

Optional: Put dry ice in it to make it bubble and smoke.


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