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Preserve Fresh Herbs With Vinegar

herb vinegar

Preserve Fresh Herbs with Vinegar

Preserve Fresh Herbs With Vinegar – John Finch – San Diego Living

Thank you so much for coming!

Well thank you for having me.

What are we doing here today? You have a lot of herbs.

We have a lot of herbs and these actually all came from my yard. I live in Ocean Beach and we have a school there and I have an herb garden there and we teach people how to make herbal medicines with the herbs.

So you were telling me this is something that a lot of people embrace except really not here in the US so much.

Eighty percent of the world uses herbs as medicine. It’s only in the US and some industrialized areas that have replaced them with pharmaceuticals which we now pretty much know about.

It’s a big business. So these are simple and effective ways that we can treat things with home remedies.


So show us what we do.

Well, one thing I brought was some vinegar and some herbs and it’s a very simple way to preserve your herbs in vinegar and keep them for a while. So I have some Fennel here which grows all around our neighborhoods and in our gardens all around wild San Diego, although it was brought by the Europeans. I have some Rosemary.

It smells delicious.


I love that. It smells very good.

It’s a brain oxygenator too.

Is that what it is?

Oh ya, that’s one of the things it does that’s good. This is Honey rose Sage. I don’t know if you are into eating flowers.

Not so much.

Okay, not. They’re delicious.

Are they?

I’ll throw some of that in.

Some Sweet Alyssums which people have in their gardens.

Looks like baby sprouts.

Ya, and I’m gonna put some of that in there. This is kind of related to broccoli and cauliflower, prevents cancer by the way, but that’s kind of fun. I have some basil here.


I’m gonna throw that in. And just some of the herbs from the yard. Let’s see if I got everything. I’ve got some sage here; here’s some Cleveland Sage. This is native to San Diego, grows in the mountains up here. It’s kind of like garden sage, the Salvia officinalis, that a lot of people use for cooking. This one is a little sweeter.

It all smells so good.

Oh, smell that.

Ya, it smells so good, kind of pepperminty.

Oh it’s great and delicious. That’s all you really need to do. I’ve got some organic vinegar here and I’m just gonna pour that in and cover the herbs. And basically shake it up and that will preserve the herbs for years.



And what can we use this for, the herb vinegar?

Well, the plants I used here were culinary herbs so this would be good on black bean soup or vegetarian chili. You know, on beans.


In a salad dressing.

Okay, wonderful.

Instead of just plain vinegar, this is herb vinegar.

So this is just a little preview of what he does, but if people want to learn more, how can they contact you?

Well, we have an herb school in Ocean Beach, Self-Heal School of Herbal Studies and Healing. And, all the information about our classes and what we offer is on our website.

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