Weed it and Reap


Weed it and Reap Whether you live in an apartment with little or no dirt to play in or have acres to manage, a great deal of joy and beauty can be brought into your living space by planting and growing herbs. With a little knowledge, some planning, and a bit of effort, we can […]

Where Have All the Flowers Gone


Where Have All the Flowers Gone I received my certificate from Rosemary Gladstar’s Professional Training Program in 1984. At that time herbs were little known in the United States. But as the herbal renaissance gained momentum in the nineties, medicinal plants became more popular and thus more at risk. United Plant Savers To address this […]

Tummy Tonic


Tummy Tonic Here come the winter holidays again, for better or worse. The better part is the drawing closer of friends and family to share in the celebrations. Often though, our stomachs get the worst of it as we feast on candies, cookies, fruitcakes and other rich foods. And, although stomachaches are not unique to this […]

Learn How to be 256 Years Old

Li ching Yuen

Some Believe That The Human Body Is Designed To Last Forever Folks in the Old Testament lived for many hundreds of years. More recently, one Chinese herbalist, Li Ching-Yuen, supposedly lived to be over 256 years old, not only surviving that long, but maintaining stamina and virility. He supposedly produced over 200 descendants during his life, […]

Food for Thought – Herbal Brain Boosters

Thinking Man

Food for Thought – Herbal Brain Boosters   Studies on plants indicate that some of them can actually make us smarter. The new term for phytochemicals that enhance mental function is Smart Drugs, and they are forming the backbone of a blossoming field of medicine known as nootropics. The term nootropic comes from a Greek […]

The Right Stuff – not enough

herbal medicine

Folk tradition has been passed down from experienced elders to young apprentices for generations through the millennia. It’s been a living record of effectiveness. They didn’t rely on the interpretation of results from scientific studies performed in controlled settings. They used remedies that had proven effective for their fathers and forefathers. According to the World […]

Yang go Bongo

muscle man

Yang go Bongo How to fix guys (in 700 words or less!) If you asked the ladies, you could probably come up with a list of at least 700 things that needed fixin. The organs and hormones that make us distinctly male account for our unique abilities as guys, but also provide us with our […]

The sum of Us

man on mountain

While teaching an herbal fundamentals class in the holistic health practitioner program at a local massage college, we got deep into the relationship between plants and people, and ultimately, among all things animate and inanimate.   The concept of treating the whole body or the whole person, including body, mind and spirit brought up the […]

Spring Tonic for the Spirit


Ah Spring! I love the longer and warmer days of Spring with abundant rain triggering a transformation within the heart of little seeds, spurring them on their life cycle as a cog in the great wheel of life. We’ve discovered some of these green beings in our garden, dancing in Spring’s blustery moments. One, particularly, […]

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